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Private Cloud Storage

Minio is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for
large-scale private cloud infrastructure. Minio is widely deployed across the
world with over docker pulls.

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Bring cloud applications to enterprise NAS and
distributed filesystems

minio gateway nas /path/to/nfs-volume
  • Unified NAS and object API access

    Concurrently access objects and files via RESTful S3 API and POSIX. RESTful API enable applications to access storage across LAN, WAN, and Internet.

  • Native NAS format

    Minio stores objects as regular files and folders, native to NAS storage. Existing data on NAS also appears as objects with no migration.

  • High performance, scale-out architecture

    Minio server is highly optimized in Go and Plan 9 asm with negligible overhead to NAS. Run as many Minio servers as needed to distribute the load.

  • Multi-tenant support

    Tenants are isolated from each other with their own Minio server instance mapped to tenant's mount point.

minio nas single tentant

Single Tenant

Minio exports NFS mounts as S3 compatible object storage interface. Data can be simultaneously accessed via NFS and S3 API.

minio nas multi tenant


Each Minio instance runs on top of its own dedicated NAS mount point. You may choose among Unix process model, containers or VM to provide tenant isolation.

minio nas distributed


Minio scales in shared-nothing architecture to as many servers as needed, pointing to the same mount point coherently. Distribute the load across servers using standard HTTP load balancers or DNS round-robin.

By default, Minio server runs on port 9000. You may also configure DNS round-robin or an external load balancer like Nginx and Traefik to distribute the load across multiple servers. Minio provides tools and SDKs for various popular languages. You may also use AWS SDK to access Minio server.